Cape Verde walking holidays

This archipelago made of 10 small volcanic islands is the dream destination for a walking holiday. Thanks to our Cape Verde walking tours across some of the most diverse landscapes, from very dry desertic plains with wonderful white sandy beaches, to lush green vegetation on the flanks of the many volcanoes, you will discover by foot that the Cape Verdean archipelago is a wonderful place to enjoy what would certainly be your best ever walking trip: thanks to its friendly locals, a very unique culture and history both linked to Portugal and Africa (Cape Verde is the very first Créole country), a variety of fauna and flora, but also landscapes from an island to another, are the core ingredients for a successful relaxing and active holiday destination.

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Sao Vicente & Santo Antao : exploring the northen islands
      • Cape Verde - Cape Verde
    • Self-guided
    • Walking
      • 8 days
      • From January to May
      • From October to December
  •   Accommodation choice :

      • Comfort

Highlights of the trip

  • A combination of two contrasting islands: Sao Vicente for its cultural and festive side, and Santo Antao for its exuberant nature
  • The varied and unmissable hikes on Santo Antao
  • Small family hotels  to enjoy the true and unique Creole-Portuguese-African hospitality
  • 4 dinners included
  • The hotel swimming pools on Santo Antao, so refreshing after a day's walk in the valleys!
  • Optional : 6 picnics

    Go private or go guided ! Customize your holidays with a local specialist here 

      • 12 days
      • From January to May
      • From October to December
  •   Accommodation choice :

      • Simple
      • Comfort

Highlights of the trip

  • Exploration of 5 islands from north to south of the archipelago among volcanic craters, lush valleys and traditional villages
  • The challenging ascent of the highest peak of the archipelago with a guide: the Pico of Fogo (2829 m)
  • Take off your hiking boots in Sal and just relax on the magnificent white sandy beaches 
  • Internal flights included  + 4 dinners and 1 lunch included
  • A picnic option is available on the hiking islands

    Go private or go guided ! Customize your holidays with a local specialist here 

Where to travel in Cape Verde if you are hiking enthusiast? 


The biggest and the most inhabited island of the country, where the capital Praia is located, is a thrilling place to be if you love to walk and hike between diverse sceneries: from the flat south to the mountainous north with the Pico Antonia, this island is a hiker’s playground. This island’s proximity to Africa, and its strong influence in triangular trade in the past centuries, has made this island the most ethnically influenced by the African continent. A mix between Portuguese and Creole history, culture and architecture is visible when strolling through the island.



The active volcano of Pico do Fogo, on Fogo island is the highest point of these islands: culminating at about 2800 metres above sea level, this is the perfect spot for mountain hiking: the view from the top is breath-taking as it gives you the a wonderful vantage point over the old crater, the island and the surrounding area! Definitely a must-do when travelling there!


Sao Vicente:

The second most populated island of this country. The largest city of this island is the incredible Mindelo, the cultural capital city of Cape Verde. The historic centre of this city is a wonderful witness of the past glory of this island under the rule of the Portuguese Empire. With the likes of the Baia das Gatas music festival, this island is known for its jovial and musical atmosphere: Cesaria Evora, the most famous Cape Verdean singer, was born in this city. If city walks are not for you, you can also enjoy a walk up to the Monte Verde, the highest summit of this island: admire from there the incredible view over this volcanic island.


Santo Antao:

Certainly, the most famous island thanks its exceptional Cape Verde walking holidays itineraries, when roaming in this island, you will see what are some of its most majestic landscapes thanks to its “ribeiras”, gorges, but also its peaks such as the Topo do Coroa, the Monte Tome and many more!

And there still 6 other islands to discover by foot!