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Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
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General sales conditions

The travel contract "tourist package" is established between the organizer Intura and the customer


In accordance with Article L. 211-11 of the Code du Tourisme, you have the option to assign the present contract as long as it has not produced any effect and up to 7 days of departure, warning the agency in reasonable time, to a person who fulfills the same conditions as you. You and the beneficiary of the assignment remain jointly and severally liable for the payment of the balance of the contract and the transfer fees that will be communicated to you.


By accepting our general conditions of online sale, the customer accepts and signs the travel contract.

The customer, acting both for himself and for the account of other registered travelers, certifies having taken knowledge of a travel contract meeting the requirements of Article R. 211-4 of the Code of Tourism, special conditions for the sale of travel and of the standard information form, having read the information related to the political and health situation of the chosen destination in the advice-to-travelers section of the website https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils- aux-voyageurs/ (more specifically concerning the sub-headings "country risk" and "health") to consult regularly until departure, to have read the program of the organizer, as well as the conditions of guarantee of the subscribed insurances and the document informing it to verify that the customer is not already covered for any guarantees subscribed, and the standard information form completed online.

If, after having chosen a travel service and having paid for it, the client reserves additional travel services for your travel or vacation stay through Intura, the client will NOT benefit from the fees applicable to the packages under Directive (EU) 2015/2302 and Article L.211-2 of the French Tourism Code


See our Privacy Policy page info

If the customer does not wish to be the subject of commercial prospection by telephone or email, he can register for free on a list of opposition to canvassing via www.bloctel.gouv.fr 
The person entering into this agreement agrees to transmit his data for the purpose of performance and guarantees that he has obtained the consent of other travelers for the same purpose.
The person concluding this contract agrees to transmit his data for the purpose of receiving our promotions and solicitations (via e-mails, SMS messages, telephone calls and postal mails):
The data are kept for a period that does not exceed the duration necessary for the following purposes:
• Trip booking: the data necessary for the processing of your order will be kept for the duration necessary for the establishment of a right or a contract
• Commercial relationship: the data will be kept (at the latest) 3 years after the end of the commercial relationship.
In accordance with the legislation in force, you have a right to access, rectify, delete and port your personal data and a right of objection for legitimate reason to their treatment.

To exercise these rights, you must send a letter to the following address: Intura 30 Boulevard Paul Floret 84000 Avignon France or an email to: info@intura-travel.com


Non-French nationals are invited to consult the consulate or embassy of the countries of destination.
Minors: We strongly recommend that you provide the unaccompanied minor with his legal representatives a copy of his family record book.


In accordance with articles L.211-12, R. 211-8 and R. 211-9 of the FRENCH Code du tourisme, the prices provided for in the contract can be adjusted upwards or downwards to take account of variations in the cost of transport (fuel / energy) and hotels, royalties and taxes and exchange rates. 
You will be informed of any increase in the total package price, at the latest 20 days before departure. This increase will apply in full to the portion of the price concerned.


A booking of one of our trips implies that you fully accept Intura’s general booking conditions, governed by the application of French Law concerning the relationship between travel agencies and their clients, dated June 17th, 1994. It also implies that you accept the following booking conditions.

All trip bookings must be made with a deposit per booking of:

  • 30% minimum of the total of a trip on our web trip catalogue
  • 50% minimum of the total of a tailor-made trips
  • If a hotel requests a booking prepayment, Intura reserves the right to ask for an extra deposit in supplement
  • In the case of a booking made less than 45 days from the trip departure, the total trip price must be paid upon the booking request.

Deposit can be paid on-line (secured payment) on our website with Visa-Mastercard-American Express credit card, by Paypal, or by bank transfer ( bank fees at the client’s charge)

  • Once the deposit paid and your booking request done, we will check the availability of all services : hotels, transfers, restaurants, bikes, extensions ..
  • A reservation is considered definitive and confirmed, once the booking confirmation is sent to the client by Intura by e-mail. The written statements included in the confirmation are considered as accepted by both parties.

The customer acknowledges having read all the necessary information for the decision and choice of destination, particularly on issues related to security and country risk


  • The balance of the trip price is due at least 60 days before the trip departure.
  • In the case of a booking made less than 49 days from the trip departure, the total trip price must be paid upon the booking confirmation.
  • Failure to pay the owing balance within 60 days of the trip departure can result in Intura cancelling the reservation without reimbursing the deposit.


The prices on Intura’s website are in €uros, and are subject to availability : they indicate precisely “from – prices”. 
The applicable and definitive trip prices are the ones confirmed by Intura by e-mail, further to the client’s booking request and deposit payment.


  • It is your responsability to subscribe to a multi-risk insurance, including: rescue and repatriation, medical costs, bike damages & theft, luggage theft, etc.
  • Intura proposes a REPATRIATION insurance contract to each client on its website, which covers the costs repatriation in case of accident or illness.


If the client cancels the trip, he/she has to inform Intura of this cancellation as soon as possible by e-mail. 
The cancellation date being the date of reception of this e-mail by Intura (French time: date & hour)

Cancellation fees:

  • More than 90 days prior to the trip departure : Full refund
  • From 90 days to 61 days prior to the trip departure: 10% of the total trip price
  • From 60 days to 30 days prior to the trip departure: 30% of the total trip price
    In both cases, the minimum cancellation fee must correspond to the minimum amount of the trip deposit
  • From 29 days to 21 days prior to the trip departure: 
    40% of the total trip price
  • From 20 days to 14 days prior to the trip departure: 
    50% of the total trip price
  • From 13 days to trip departure day: 
    100% of the total trip price

    Extra cancellation fees : 
  • If Intura proposes & informs you of  hotel/guest house bookings that are non refundable in case of cancellation.
    Then the full cost of this non-refundable booking will be added to the cancellation conditions above 

  • Cancellation of the trip does not dispense with full payment of the price of the trip. Any procedure for reimbursement by the insurance can only be initiated on this condition
  • The insurance premium, visa and passport fees are not refundable either by the agency or by the insurer.


The Traveler may cancel the contract if exceptional and unavoidable circumstances arise in the immediate vicinity of the place of the stay and having a significant impact on its progress or the transport of passengers to the destination. The final customer then gets full refund of the price of the stay but can not claim damages.
Example: Climatic event making it impossible or significantly disturbing the course of a stay in a specific region.
NB: The assessment of the occurrence of these circumstances will be based on objective factors.


For any trip modification and change :

  • The client will be charged of the real change costs incurred by Intura + a handling fee of 50 €uros / per trip
  • Any trip modification or trip change made by the client more than 45 days before the trip departure incurs
    . the real change costs incurred by Intura + a handling fee of 50 €uros / per trip
  • If the modification occurs at 45 days or closer to the trip departure, it is considered as a cancellation, and the cancellation penalties will apply.
  • If Intura is charged cancellation fees, Intura reserves the right to charge these cancellation penalties to the client.


  • For the GUIDED trips
    Any program changes made upon the client’s request can be implemented only after the agreement of the guide and the whole group. In this case, all additional costs are at the participant’s expense.

  • For the SELF-GUIDED trips
    For any program changes made upon the client’s request : all additional costs are at the participant’s expense.


  • All trips that are interrupted or shortened by the client for whatever reason cannot lead to reimbursement of any kind. Additional costs incurred thereby by the participant will not be refunded.
    Following medical repatriation assistance, the unused part of the program can be reimbursed by his insurance, according to the conditions of the signed contract.



  • Before departure, program changes (dates, times, routes, guides, accommodation, etc.) may occur because of organizational problems or safety issues. 
    Each participant is then informed by email.
  • If the modification has a significant impact on the price of the trip, the client reserves the right to accept or refuse and request a refund.
  • During the trip, program modifications due to logistical difficulties, path restrictions, safety issues, or any unexpected event may occur. Intura cannot be held responsible for such modifications. Clients will not be reimbursed or compensated as a result.

    The agency now explicitly has the right to unilaterally modify an element of the travel contract if this change is minor. In this case, it is not necessary to offer the final customer the choice between canceling the stay and accepting the change.
    Example: Change of a hotel by another hotel of equivalent category and located near the first as part of a circuit.
  • On GUIDED trips :
    The guide reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to ensure the group safety : because of weather, path restrictions, group fitness level, or other unforseen circumstances


For the guided trips:

If the number of confirmed participants in a group is less than the minimum required in the description of each trip, Intura reserves the right to cancel the trip. The participants will be notified of such a cancellation at the latest 45 days before the trip departure, by e-mail.

  •  Intura also reserves the right to cancel a trip due to unexpected or uncontrollable event due to force 
    majeure, social instability, path restrictions, strike, bad weather, or if in any way Intura deems the safety of participants to be compromised.
  • In the case of such a cancellation the client will be refunded the deposit paid for the trip, or the total trip 
    cost if already paid. However, the client will not, under any circumstances, be entitled to additional compensation.

 Intura cannot be held responsible for additional costs paid by the client in preparation of the trip (passport, airline tickets, etc.).


These special terms and conditions supplement the general sales conditions. In case of contradiction, these special conditions shall prevail.


Before departure, or during the trip, program modifications due to logistical difficulties, path restrictions, safety issues, or any unexpected event may occur. Intura cannot be held responsible for such modifications. Clients will not be reimbursed or compensated as a result.


According to the trip booked on our website

  • allows booking of two people minimum (including 1 adult)
  • and features a price / person on the minimum basis of 2 people sharing a room
  • If a customer is traveling alone, the rate will be different: please contact us.


What is included / not included is indicated in the “Trip info” section of the trip details on our website.


Once the total balance of your trip is paid in full, Intura will send the participants a travel kit by regular post around 45 days before the trip departure:

  • 1 travel kit from 1 to 2 participants, 2 travel kits from 3 to 4 participants, 3 travel kits from 5 to 6 participants
  • For any extra copy of the road book requested,  will be charged a fee of 50 €uros / road book or road map highlighted + postal fees
  • A travel kit includes: a road book OR a road map with the highlighted itinerary, vouchers of all transfer-hotel-restaurant reservations.
    The contents of our Roadbook – texts, itineraries and maps – remain the property of Intura , even after translation.
    No portions of our Roadbooks may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of Intura.
  • Warning:
  • Despite all our care to update the description of our itineraries, there can be changes on the ground. Fallen trees and bad weather can alter way markings and paths, as can human factors: new agricultural or forestry paths, urbanization, road work, vandalism, etc. 
  • These factors can alter not only way markings but also walking routes, as well as the walking signs that indicate place-names and different directions. 
    Although we do our best to pupdate these directions,  Intura can't be held responsible for these inacuracies


These special terms and conditions supplement the general sales conditions. In case of contradiction, these special conditions shall prevail.


No claim can be made by customers if they are not on time and Intura Provence can not be held responsible for their delay.
If the client is not on time at the departure point, Intura Provence will consider this as a "no show" and no refund can be claimed.
Intura Provence can not be held responsible for delays due to the traffic conditions, accidents on the public highway, path/road restrictions, bad weather, or for robbery or loss of personal effects or luggage on the client’s trip.


- For cancellation 7 days before DAY TRIP : no refund
- For cancellation 8 days before the DAY TRIP : 40% of the tour price penalty will be applied
- For cancellation 9 day before the DAY TRIP : 20% of the tour price penalty will be applied
- For cancellation more than 10 days before DAY TRIP : 50 €uros / reservation

Cancellation has to be confirmed by email.


- For cancellation on the same day of the DAY TRIP : 100 % of the tour price - No refund
- For cancellation 1 day before the DAY TRIP after 2PM French time: 40% of the tour price penalty will be applied
- For cancellation 1 day before the DAY TRIP at the latest at 2PM French time : 50 €uros / reservation
- For cancellation more than 2 days before DAY TRIP: No cancellation fees


The retailer and the organizer are responsible for the proper performance of the services provided for in this contract and are obliged to provide assistance to the traveler in difficulty.
In the event of liability being incurred by the providers, the limits of compensation resulting from international conventions in accordance with article L. 211-17-IV of the Code du Tourisme will apply; failing this, and save for bodily injury, intentional or negligent damage, the potential damages are limited to three times the total price of the trip or stay


In accordance with regulations, Intura is insured for professional civil liability. However, Intura cannot be substituted for a traveler’s civil liability insurance, which each traveler must possess – on one of Intura ’s trips.


Information contained on our website is to be used as a reference only. Intura reserves the right to modify that information at any moment.

In accordance with article 23 of the French Law of July 13th, 1992, Intura cannot be held responsible for the following circumstances:
- Delay or impossibility for a client to obtain the necessary travel documents.
- Loss of those documents.
- Unexpected or uncontrollable event such as a strike, social instability, weather, etc.

In light of the nature of our active trips - Guided trip
- Each participant must strictly follow the advice given in our detailed program and by the guide, or in the Road Book. 
- Each participant must be conscious of risks incurred of all kinds, especially those related to active travel. Intura and Intura's guides cannot be held responsible for any consequences related to such risks.
- Intura and their guides cannot be held responsible for the carelessness of an individual or for several participants in a group. 
- Participants under the age of 18 remain always under the responsibility of their parental authority or an adult designated by the parental authority, and will be accompanied by that parental authority or designate during the trip.

In light of the nature of our active trips - Self-guided trips: do not have guides. 
- The trip cost includes a Road Book with a detailed description of the route as well as a detailed survey 
map of the region in question, or a road map with the itinerary highlighted on it. 
- Booking a self-guided trip implies that the participants have an adequate knowledge of map-reading and 
orienteering. All participants must conduct themselves in a safe manner and follow the guidelines set in the Road Book. 
- Intura cannot be held responsible for accidents caused by the carelessness of a participant.
 Intura cannot be held responsible for an erroneous interpretation by the participant of the Road Book or the survey map. 
- Self-guided trips imply the acceptance of a risk – as small as it may be – that natural and built landmarks have been modified and do not perfectly correspond to the Road Book or survey map. 
- As a consequence, each participant, their family members and beneficiaries agree not to hold Intura or its partners responsible for accidents and incidents that may occur as a result of such modifications.

By paying the trip deposit, you certify that you do not have any physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or other travellers. Intura reserves the right to decline accepting or retaining any traveler whose health or actions during one of our trips impedes the operation of a trip or compromises the welfare or enjoyment of fellow travelers.


When a non-conformity is noticed on the spot, the traveler is obliged to report it to the contact below as soon as possible:
Name: Intura Travel - Walk Inn
Address: 628 Ave de Rheinbach - 30400 Villeneuve lez Avignon - France
Tel: + 33 (0) 4 86 65 00 20
EMail: contact@intura-travel.com
Failure to report a non-compliance on the spot may have an influence on the amount of any damages or price reduction due if reporting without delay could have avoided or reduced the customer's damage.
The traveler can also ask for help from the contact above in case of difficulty on site.

All complaints concerning trips must be addressed to Intura , within 15 days AT THE LATEST of the trip’s end date, by e-mail, and containing all pieces of justification.

After having submitted your complaint to the after sales service, or if no satisfactory reply or absence of a reply within 60 days, the customer can refer to

the Ombudsman of the Tourism and Travel, that is available on: www.mtv.travel.

The New FRENCH Tourism Code Reduces Traveler's Limitation Period to Make a 2-Year Claim


The traveler can enter the customer service of the retailer of any claim, at the following address: Intura, 30 Boulevard Paul Floret 84000 Avignon France by letter RAR or email to contact@intura-travel.com accompanied by any proof.
If there is no satisfactory answer within 60 days or if the customer is not satisfied with the response received, the client can enter the Tourist and Travel Ombudsman free of charge, whose details and referral methods are available on the website. : www.mtv.travel .
If the sale is made online, the traveler can use the platform available on https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr  to settle his dispute.

Information on the online dispute resolution platform: 


Any requests for information and bookings are processed by computer. You have the right to access and to modify the information concerning you [article 34 of the Law “Informatique et Libertés” (freedom of information)]


Photographs, maps and illustrations contained within this website are not contractual.


Exerpt of the décret n°94-490 of 15th June 1994 here 


Intura is a trademark company of Walk inn. 

CGV updated on 14 April 2021