Portugal cycling holiday: along the Algarve coastal trails
    • Portugal - Mainland Portugal
    • 8 days
    • Cycling
    • Self-guided
      • From January to December
    • 2 - 10 travellers
      • Simple
      • Comfort
      • Charming
      • Trip code : K1201

Our Portugal cycling holiday: along the Algarve coastal trails bikes

May 03, 2019
Our bikes in Portugal

All our cycling trips include:
. a high-end HYBRID bike rental
. BIKE DELIVERY : to your first accommodation on Day 1


hybrid bike + Giant + Portugal cycling holidays

HYBRID bikes are without a doubt the BEST CHOICE for cycle-touring and tackling the daily 25-60km of our tours. It is a bicycle for both performance and comfort: being light and aerodynamic, it can ride fast and handle climbs. With slightly wider tyres, a more upright position, and flat handlebars, the bikes offer a great deal of comfort too

Bike specificities

. Our HYBRID bike – WINORA Louisiana or equivalent - are top-of-the-line and equipped with Shimano parts
. 26/36/48 + 11/36 cluster - 27 speed - Break shimano
. When available we may provide for the women model 

Included equipment

helmet - pump - bike computer - 1 front map holder – 1 front panier - 1 side pannier - 1 repair kit - bike computer – 1 lock per bike


Winora ebike + Portugal cycling trip

You can choose the E-BIKE option - with a supplement - on ALL our cycling trips!
You can add a little extra pedal power with an E-Bike
Increasingly popular, these great E-BIKE offer the added boost of a battery which gives your legs a little help on the hills or when you are feeling tired! Great for making these outstanding cycle routes accessible to all, without being a great cyclist. You can also accompany a more athletic spouse or friend
How it works: when you begin pedalling, the electric motor is triggered. You can choose between several levels of electric assistance.

Bike specificities

. Our E-bike – WINORA Tria or equivalent - is equipped with more or less 120km of battery autonomy, a man and women frame, anti-puncture tires (reducing the risk of flats), disc brakes ). The bike has 4 types of assistance.
. Gearing: 11/34 cluster - 9 speed

Included equipment

. helmet - bike computer - 1 front map holder - 1 side pannier - 1 lock per bike - 1 battery charger.
. Our E-bike frames can be both man/woman


clouer bike + portugal cycling tour

You can choose the FULL ROAD bike option (carbon or aluminium) - with a supplement - 
It’s an ultra-light bike - some are made entirely of carbon: the ultimate in performance.
 We recommend the road bikes only for those used to riding them. Though sleek and light, the bikes sacrifice comfort for speed, they’re more difficult to handle, and they’re not really meant to stop every 10km to visit villages… and automatic shoes also makes for difficult walking.

Bike specificities

. Our CANNONDALE – Coluer Radar or equivalent - are cutting-edge in the industry, and famous by amateur cyclists:  Equipped with many Shimano parts
. Gearing: FC-RS200 34/50T 170 mm 8 speed!
. You can ride with flat pedals. Or you can bring your own automatic shoes, pedals, and a tool to fasten your pedals

Included equipment

helmet - security vest - pump - bike computer - 1 water bottle holder - 1 lock per bike - 1 inner tube per bike - 1 repair kit for two bikes



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Portugal cycling holiday: along the Algarve coastal trails
      • Portugal - Mainland Portugal
      • 2 adults (2x740€)
      • 0 children (0x740€)
    • 8 days
    • Simple
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