Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Experience local: An adventure on the best cycling roads !
Experience local: An adventure on the best hiking paths !

Our bikes

Select your bike for your cycling tour with Intura! 

  • Photos of our bikes

As the quality of the bikes is an extremely important aspect of your cycling tour, you will find below all detailed  information you need to know about each type of bike: 

- For photos & info of the bikes on our Provence cycling holidays, click here.
- For photos & info of the bikes on our Corsica cycling holidays, click here.
- For photos & info of the bikes on our Portugal cycling holidays, click here 
- Or you can select your itinerary and click on the tab 'The Bikes'

  • All our cycling trips include 
    . A high-end HYBRID bike rental
    . BIKE DELIVERY : at your first accommodation on Day 1
    . With all the necessary equipment ( helmet, bike lock ..)

  • You can also choose -  with a supplement:
    . An E-BIKE
    . A ROAD bike 
    . A bike trailer or a mountain bike for children

  • On each of our cycling trips
    . The excellent quality of bikes remains unchanged: all our bikes are high-end and in mint condition !
    . You will find the detailed information of the bikes with the bike model (or equivalent) and a list of the equipment provided.


  • All of our cycling tours include a high-end HYBRID bike rental
  • Our hybrid bikes are undoubtably the BEST choice when tackling the daily 20 to 65km long rides.
    A high performance, yet comfortable bike, it is light and aerodynamic, ideal when dealing with the steep climbs on your Provence cycling holiday or your Portugal biking trip!  The wider tyres, the slightly more upright position and the flat handlebars make for a real comfy ride!
  • You will find on each trip the description of the bikes and the EQUIPMENT provided (helmet,bike lock...)


  • Opt for the E-BIKE (Electric bike), available on all our cycling tours! (with a supplement)
  • Most of our cycling self guided tours can be quite hilly and to get to the most beautiful perched villages, you will have to climb.
    The E-BIKE is a wonderful choice as it is a compromise between cycling and enjoying the ride:
    . The electric assistance is a thing of beauty taking (nearly) all the hard work out of a challenging ride.
    . The E-Bike might also be useful if you are riding with a bike enthusiast who is used to ride long distances on a regular basis.

 How does the E-BIKE work?

The E-BIKE is equipped with a battery. Its autonomy is  about 90km and has hydraulic brakes (ensuring the highest standard of safety)

  • When you start pedalling, the electric motor is automatically triggered. You will have the choice between several levels of assistance.
  • Our bike man will give you a short briefing to show how to use the E-BIKE.
  • Assistance: a repair assistance is included in the rental. 


You can choose the FULL ROAD bike option  ( carbon or aluminium ) - with a supplement - dedicated to performance

  • Highly recommended for people who decide to do a challenging cycling tour with jaunt distances of around 100km per day!
  • The ROAD bike is ultra-light and its frame is made entirely of aluminium or carbon and designed to accomplish the ultimate performances
  •  We recommend the full carbon bikes only for those used to riding them. Though sleek and light, the bikes sacrifice comfort for speed, they’re more difficult to handle, and they’re not really meant to stop every 10km to visit villages… and automatic shoes also makes for difficult walking.
  • We recommend it to those who fancy the Mont Ventoux climb on their Provence cycling holiday!

  • AUTOMATIC shoes
    . You can choose to ride a ROAD bike with or without automatic shoes 
    . If you choose to bring your OWN automatic shoes, you must also bring  your pedals and the tools to fasten them on the bike.
    . Keep in mind that wearing AUTOMATIC shoes is not really recommended for sightseeing. If you are planning to stop and visit places along your ride they are not very comfortable to walk in.


We have the GPS files of our different itineraries

  • We will send the files to you via email before the start of your trip
  • You will have to bring your own device whether it is a Garmin GPS or a Smartphone with the files already downloaded.